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Founder of A Better Financial Plan, Dean Vagnozzi has delivered his powerful seminar series to thousands of people across the country for years. Now you can gain all of the information and insight that Dean has been sharing with his seminar audience in his book A Better Financial Plan. Learn how to significantly improve your finances without the help of Wall Street.

In this groundbreaking book, Dean Vagnozzi pulls no punches. He calls out the failures of the status quo long-term investment strategies, such as the 401(k) and IRA, that are pushed by big investment firms and their brokers and explains why they are so inefficient.

Find out why these brokers push so hard for you to follow the crowd, what is in it for them, and why they never offer you any stock market alternatives. The detailed steps necessary to get yourself on the road to A Better Financial Plan have never been made available outside of Dean's seminars. Download the first three chapters on us and discover for yourself what thousands seminar attendees have learned.

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