About A Better Financial Plan

Spend and Enjoy More Of What You Save During Retirement

The average investor feels that the only way to financially prepare for their future is to max out their 401K contributions and augment that with their IRAs. Well, there is a better way, and that is what we do here at A Better Financial Plan. We educate anyone who wants to learn about stock market alternative investments what options exist that will help them to protect more of what they save without giving up investment return.

Our goal is to teach you how to get better returns with a lot less risk, dramatically increase your liquidity, and deliver greater tax efficiencies. We want you to learn how to do this with no change to your existing cash flow, without subjecting yourself to the volatility of Wall Street or from using annuities.

It is easier than you think, and applicable regardless of your age. If you work with us to implement a Better Financial Plan you will improve your long-term financial outlook more than you thought possible.

About Dean Vagnozzi

Dean J. Vagnozzi, financial entrepreneur and president of A Better Financial Plan, believes in making your money work hard for you right now. If it’s locked up in retirement accounts or used to pay ahead on your mortgage, it can’t be accessed until much later in life…. And sitting around waiting is just not Vagnozzi’s style.

A 1990 graduate of Albright College, Vagnozzi began his career in accounting. After three months, Vagnozzi knew the repetitive, number-crunching, solitary profession was not for him.  A natural enthusiasm and magnetic energy eventually led him down a successful sales career path with companies such as SAP, Deloitte Consulting, and Anderson, which allowed him to save and explore creative investment strategies. After having spent the next 14 years working for corporate America, Vagnozzi simultaneously began studying wealth management in earnest, enrolling in seminars, reading books, and researching unorthodox money management tactics. Testing his unique ideas on his own accounts proved successful and in 2004, Vagnozzi quit the rigors of corporate America cold turkey and struck out on his own to form his own financial planning firm.


Touting his own matchless brand of unconventional investing, Vagnozzi quickly amassed a significant client base made up of smart investors who, like himself, could see there was a better way to achieve a lucrative retirement than the typical cookie-cutter plans. Vagnozzi hold his knowledge close to his vest, saving his best financial information and ideas for clients. A Better Financial Plan outlines the thinking behind Vagnozzi’s successful nontraditional strategies.

Dean Vagnozzi and his wife, Christa, live in Collegeville, PA with their four children – two girls and two boys between the ages of 13 and 20. In Dean’s spare time, he can be found on the golf course, relaxing by the pool or on the sidelines passionately cheering on his children’s soccer, baseball and football games.

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