Alternatives to Stock Market Investments

Educating, advising and empowering investors to make positive impacts in their long-term financial planning.

The nature of our business is simple; the more people we successfully help to improve their retirement income plan the better our business. To ensure that we deliver a better long-term financial plan we introduce our clients to stock market alternative investments. Just about everyone that we have the opportunity to work with has similar concerns. They want to protect what they have worked so hard to put away, but not at the cost of limiting growth opportunities. What is also similar is that most people we talk to believe there are no stock market alternative investments that will give them both low risk and decent returns.

There is a reason that most believe do not believe or are unaware that alternatives to the status quo of long-term savings strategies like the 401K or the IRA exist; the financial planning industry does better when consumers put their hard earned dollars in those vehicles. Don't believe it? Well do yourself a favor and download the first three chapters of Dean Vagnozzi's book A Better Financial Plan: Significantly Improve Your Finances Without The Help Of Wall Street.

The average investor deserves to have access to the same information and opportunity that high net worth investors have. This is why we educate, advise and empower investors to become aware of stock market alternative investments that will make a positive impact in their long-term financial planning.

Choosing the right investments

Our Clients Get More and Keep More

Clients of A Better Financial Plan did not lose a dime during the greatest economic downturn in United States History since the great depression.

What is the ideal investment? Dean asks this question in his book and at every seminar he delivers. Invariably the answer is always the same. The ideal investment would be one that matches at least four out of five of this criteria:

  • It is SAFE from loss
  • It is LIQUID
  • It delivers GOOD RETURNS
  • It is TAX-FREE
  • It requires NO MAINTENANCE at all

If you are like most after you read that you just said to yourself with a laugh, "doesn't exist." Well, it is not too good to be true, and everything we do is what all of our clients call an ideal stock market alternative investment.

Ready to get started?

Are you ready to learn about the stock market alternative investments that we specialize in at A Better Financial Plan? We hope so and if you are we want you to know what it is going to be like working with us.

Our first goal is to give you an opportunity to get to know us a bit. We will have you into one of our locations for a discussion about your current situation and your long-term goals. We will get into your finances just enough to determine whether or not there is a good fit for you to take advantage of our approach. After this first meeting, you will have an opportunity to go home and consider everything we covered. If what we discuss together makes sense we will get back together for a more detailed working session to map out your better financial plan.

That is it, pretty simple.

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