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Find out what thousands of individuals, couples and families are doing to build and protect their financial future through alternative options to the stock market.

A Better Financial Plan offers a robust Alternative Investment Platform designed to provide clients with income, growth, and diversification in asset classes not related to the stock market.

Join Us to Hear About the Following Alternative Investment Opportunities:

  • Growth – Learn the tricks of the trade of institutional investors, such as Warren Buffett, who has invested over $1 Billion dollars into Life Settlements.
  • Income – Find out why this alternative strategy is returning between 12% and 17% in investment gains. There is a reason why Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary and J.P. Morgan are investing in this asset class.
  • Diversification – Let professionals deliver you double digit returns without having to deal with tenant related issues such as leaky toilets, vacancies and evictions.
*Annuities will not be discussed at this presentation.

About the The Host

Hosted by Dean Vagnozzi, President and CEO of A Better Financial Plan

Best known for his weekly radio show on 1210 WPHT, recently released book “A Better Financial Plan” and his boundless enthusiasm, Dean Vagnozzi has succeeded in the financial industry for the past 13 years with his street-smart tactics and real-life game experience.

Touting his own matchless brand of unconventional investing, this presentation will outline the thinking behind Vagnozzi’s successful non-traditional strategies.

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