Our Investments: Explained

We offer five different types of investment products, all in industries with proven returns.

At A Better Financial Plan, we offer a variety of alternative investment options. Each one is out of the box, and carefully crafted to suit your investment style and comfort level. All deliver great returns, and offer a safer, less volatile option than the stock market. 

Classic Alternative Investments

Diversify your portfolio without the stock market with this classic investment option, interest is paid quarterly with an expected 14.8% IRR (internal rate of return).

Short-Term and Secure

With this investment alternative, you’ll see returns paid monthly, with your principal returned within one, two or three years of your investment.

Safe and High Yielding

Typically, you’ll see returns with this investment within 3-6 years of entry. The investment is a recession proof alternative investment, you’ll see an 10-14% annual compounded return.

Flexible Quarterly Returns

This investment opportunity is recession proof and interest is paid quarterly with a rate of return averaging 8%.

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Call us directly at (484) 425-7393 to learn more about Dean Vagnozzi’s disruptive stock market alternative strategy manual.

Come Join Our Financial Movement!

We’ve delivered 10-14% annual returns or better using alternative investments that were put together with one of Philadelphia’s largest law firms. These investments have nothing to do with Wall Street and they are NOT annuities.


Offices in PA and NJ

Incorporated in 2010

What Our Clients are Saying

"I have had a great experience investing with Dean Vagnozzi so far. I look forward to seeing my portfolio grow and very highly recommend Dean and team for a 401k alternative, this affords you the opportunity to earn real money and returns that out-perform the market."

Josh Melrose


"A good experience. Very confident that we made an exceptional investment. Thanks for all your time to answer all our questions and provide the information needed to become a part of the Better Financial Plan."

Jay Buck


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