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Dean Vagnozzi Donates $27,000 to Saint Joseph’s University Soccer Program Amidst 2019 Season

“Philadelphia resident Dean Vagnozzi made a generous donation to the Saint Joseph’s University soccer program in the amount of $27,000. Among the exciting additions the donation will cover are two elite shelters with luxury seats for Sweeney Field.”


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Dean Vagnozzi: What is a Good Return on Your Financial Investment?

“As a financial planner, I have hosted hundreds of financial seminars. At all of them, I stand next to a blank whiteboard with a marker and ask my audience to name the characteristics of their most ideal investment scenario. “


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Dean Vagnozzi: The 401k Scam and how the Government Tricks U.S. Taxpayers Into Higher Tax Rates

“Dean Vagnozzi, the 46-year-old financial entrepreneur and President of A Better Financial Plan, LLC, believes in making your money work hard for you. Today. Waiting is not his style, and Vagnozzi believes if it’s locked up in retirement accounts or paid ahead, into your mortgage, it can’t be accessed until much later in life.”

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A Better Financial Plan: Significantly Improve Your Finances Without the Help of Wall Street

“Cash value life insurance is a lucrative investment for buyers and sellers, but naysayers and misinformation have created a difficult market for sellers—they must have the competitive edge. Dean Vangozzi was already a successful financial entrepreneur, but he found his edge when he published his book.”

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Beware The Tax Monster

“Tax planning can be downright scary for insurance and financial services clients. Tax-monster scary. That’s because people are afraid that the federal government is going to raise taxes as part of its efforts to reduce the massive $14.9 trillion national debt.”

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