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We’ve delivered 10-14% annual returns or better using alternative investments that were put together with one of Philadelphia’s largest law firms. These investments have nothing to do with Wall Street and they are not annuities.


But don’t take our word for it. Check out these reviews and see for yourself!

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Our clients have one thing in common, they are thrilled with their decision to give us the opportunity to help them improve their long term financial outlook. We want you to hear from some of them so that you can determine for yourself if it makes sense to give our office a call and get moving on improving your own long term financial plan. 

Meet Dan Kane

Meet Dan Kane.  This is as authentic as it gets.  We have 1000 clients just like Dan

“I have had a great experience investing with Dean Vagnozzi so far. I look forward to seeing my portfolio grow and very highly recommend Dean and team for a 401k alternative, this affords you the opportunity to earn real money and returns that out-perform the market.”

Josh Melrose


“A Better Financial Plan has allowed me to get a greater percentage of my assets out of the stock market and into higher paying, safe alternative investments. Don’t hesitate to try their offerings.”

Victoria Reiner Hahn


“Our experience is excellent. All of the Vagnozzi people we have come in contact with show a high level of honesty and integrity. We are very good happy as to how we have been treated.”

John McCusker


“Extremely happy with investment returns. You can’t get consistent returns like these with protection of principle, anywhere. Dean and all his people understand service & quick response to questions. They are always accessible.”

Louis A. D’Angelo


“Love the fact I don’t have to worry about the stock markets ups and downs! As I listen to the radio to and from work, I hear, one day it’s UP 350 then the next day it’s DOWN 300, how can anyone feel they are getting anywhere with this? My experience with ABFP has been great over the past year… I’m getting my financial ‘DUCK’ in a row on my way to retirement and I plan to continue my investment. Thank you for all you do.”

Marilyn Regan


“Dean and the staff of Better Financial Plan are refreshingly straight forward because of the way they do business. The investments they offer have a great rate of return but are most importantly have less risk than most investments that offer half the rate of return. When I met them for the first time I said I had two primary goals: First was the return of principle and second was a return on principle, in that order. They have clearly satisfied and exceeded my goals by far! Great company to work with!”

Don Read


“I am extremely pleased with the returns on my investments with A Better Financial Plan. Great rewards and very low risk. Their team is very accessible and helpful with explain how the investments work. I have done very well so far and am about to re-invest.”

Ron Fougeray


“I retired last year and that’s when I started worrying about my Thrift Savings Plan Account (TSP) which is what the Postal Service offers as their 401K. I started watching the stock market everyday. One day I would gain, the next day I would lose. My husband and I heard Dean on the radio talking about what his company had to offer. I wrote down the number and called him the next day. It was the BEST thing I ever did. I am now in 4 different funds that they offer, receiving monthly checks from 2 of my funds and quarterly checks from the other 2 funds. Going right into my account. Shannon is the person I am in most contact with and she is EXCELLENT!!! No pressure and always ready to help with any concerns my husband and I have. In fact, all of the people there are all always happy to help. I recommend A Better Financial Plan to everyone. My husband asked me, how did the stock market do today? My answer to him is, “I don’t know, I don’t check it anymore”. I don’t WORRY anymore.”

Kathleen Macrone


“I have three investments with A Better Financial Plan. I am very satisfied with the performance. The team is very responsive to questions, there is no pressure to invest, only discussion about products and their performance.”

Edward Callan


“A good experience. Very confident that we made an exceptional investment. Thanks for all your time to answer all our questions and provide the information needed to become a part of the Better Financial Plan.”

Jay Buck


“Dean and his team at Abetterfinancialplan are the best. I’ve been an investor since 2007. Dean is a straight shooter and delivers results.”

Kevin Hodges


“I am very happy with my investment. Zero pressure to invest. It was clearly presented. The decision was mine. I was driven to move by the political climate with tariffs cratering the market. I had no control – a retired person has very little runway to wait for market recoveries. If the market goes down 10% one day and then up 10% the next – you still lose 1%. With ABP at least I know what my income will be. Fixed, safe and dependable – I should end the year with a 12% return. I would recommend ABP to anyone.”

Phil Guglielmi


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We’ve delivered 10-14% annual returns or better using alternative investments that were put together with one of Philadelphia’s largest law firms. These investments have nothing to do with Wall Street and they are NOT annuities.


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