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Thank you for downloading the first three chapters of “A Better Financial Plan: Significantly Improve Your Finances Without the Help of Wall Street”.

Please take a minute to watch the introduction video by Dean Vagnozzi prior to reading the first three chapters. It will explain what the book is all about and how best to utilize GetABFP.com.

If you are actively saving for your retirement, we believe this information will be of interest to you. Thank you, and enjoy!

A Better Financial Plan

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"I have had a great experience investing with Dean Vagnozzi so far. I look forward to seeing my portfolio grow and very highly recommend Dean and team for a 401k alternative, this affords you the opportunity to earn real money and returns that out-perform the market."

Josh Melrose


"A good experience. Very confident that we made an exceptional investment. Thanks for all your time to answer all our questions and provide the information needed to become a part of the Better Financial Plan."

Jay Buck


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