Top 20 Commonly Searched Internet Phrases (When Searching For A Better Financial Plan)

Is Dean Vagnozzi Registered? Here is another one of the top 20 commonly searched internet phrases or questions that people look up before they decide to meet with us. I have decided to address them all head on.

So, here is the question again… “is Dean Vagnozzi registered?” And by this, I mean, “am I a Registered Representative (a fiduciary)”, which would allow me to sell securities like stocks, bonds, mutual funds and a 401(k). The answer is no, I am not registered…and that is by design.

You see, we do not offer traditional investments like stocks and mutual funds to our clients. Every product that A Better Financial Plan sells has absolutely nothing to do with the stock market. So, if I don’t sell those products, there is no need for me to be registered as a fiduciary. There are a million people you can work with to purchase those cookie-cutter, commodity investments offered on Wall Street. You can even do it yourself with accounts such as eTrade, Robinhood, etc. They are a dime a dozen, and also include a lot of risk. Especially given the current global health crisis and extreme volatility of the stock market.

Instead, my firm has identified a handful of investments that you will not find on Wall Street. These investments deliver above average returns, with what we feel is less risk than you will find investing in the stock market. The downside is that these investments are cash intensive, making what we offer out of reach for most investors that try to invest in them on their own. So, what do we do? We form corporations called Private Placement Memorandums that allow every day investors (and the really rich ones too) to pool their money together which allows them to take part in investment opportunities (and get the same returns) as if they were a high net worth person that made the entire investment themselves. We created a short video that is called “strength in numbers” and it tells the story beautifully. Click here to watch:

Let me further make my point using real estate as an investment example. Everyone knows that there is money to be made in the right real estate purchase. We all know someone who has purchased a property, made some small or large improvements, and then sold the property, and made some great profits. The big money to be made while investing in real estate, however, is not in the single-family fixer upper….The big money is made by doing a fix and flip with an apartment complex! Most investors,however, cannot afford to buy an apartment complex. That is where A Better Financial Plan comes in. We solve that problem. We take a 50k investment from one guy, combine it with a 200k investment from someone else, combine that with 75k from a third person, combine that with a 100k investment the next person….you get the idea. We raise money from 50-100 people, which enables us to buy the $10 million dollar piece of real estate that everyone wants, but nobody can afford on their own. Now don’t get me wrong, this does not make Dean Vagnozzi life partners with you. Simply put, all of the transactions are addressed as one united corporation and essentially you are able to make that $10 million purchase because of the “strength in numbers” that ABFP provides. Got it?

We have five different investments in five different industries that we have identified that work like this. All of our investment opportunities are thoroughly researched prior to any offering that may be made available to our clients. Our team of attorneys, accountants, and operations staff thoughtfully vet any and all opportunities that come our way, so there’s no Dean Vagnozzi legal proceedings when it comes to these opportunities. We have over $200 Million dollars in our investments, over 1300 clients, and testimonial after testimonial giving us glowing reviews. And we are not required to be registered. It’s that simple.

A Better Financial Plan, LLC was founded in 2004 by Dean Vagnozzi with a vision that flying in the face of conventional-but-flawed wisdom can produce results the average middle-class investor never dreamed possible. In 2016, Vagnozzi furthered his vision by publishing the disruptive stock market alternative strategy manual: A Better Financial Plan: Significantly Improve Your Finances Without the Help of Wall Street.

With offices based out of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and Marlton, New Jersey, A Better Financial Plan now has 15 employees and thousands of clients. To learn more, please visit

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