Let Me Tell You What it is Like in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania These Days.

As many of you know, A Better Financial Plan is based out of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Our offices are in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and to those familiar with the area, we are directly across the street from the King of Prussia Mall. Montgomery County was one of the first communities “hit” with COVID-19 cases when the disease started spreading rapidly back in March. However, because of that, our policy-makers reacted fast. And hard. We were shut down very early on and thankfully because of their swift actions, the disease seems to have slowed down in our area (I’m knocking on wood right now). We are currently in the “green phase” of the COVID-19 pandemic response, which means that our office is allowed to be open, but we must adhere to safety measures such as wearing masks, staying six-feet part, washing our hands often, and sanitizing the office each day. Which is fine. And we will happily oblige. We all want to stay safe and healthy and do our part to stop the spread of this vicious disease.

But what you may find interesting is that even though the surrounding area is a ghost town, and things are definitely not back to “normal”, our phones have not stopped ringing. In fact, we are as busy as ever. Meeting with clients via zoom, via phone, and in-person if the client feels comfortable. Abetterfinancialplan.com is still getting tons of traffic and emails inquiring about our company are still coming in rapidly.

What’s more, new and exciting investment opportunitiesare continuously being presented to us. Our company is constantly meeting and vetting opportunities that we feel are interesting…And we meet weekly with our attorneys so that they can thoroughly vet these opportunities before we introduce them to our clients. In fact, Dean Vagnozzi and his attorneys are so thorough, you would think they worked for the SEC.

Even more surprising, all of this optimism is happening even with the 24-hour news cycle being so hyper-focused on the effects the pandemic is having on the economy.

Now don’t get me wrong. We are not tone-deaf and sadly, so many people in the world are feeling the effects of this pandemic financially. And some days, it feels almost criminal that our business is thriving.

However, Dean Vagnozzi is not a criminal and we are not doing anything wrong. In fact, we believe with all of our hearts that A Better Financial Plan is doing everything right.

As you’ve probably heard President and CEO of A Better Financial Plan, Dean Vagnozzi, say… Again and again… (and again)…NOW is the time to seek alternative investments that have nothing to do with Wall Street.

And we have to say, it has been extremely uplifting to know that there are still a lot of people that believe that as well. Our clients call us because they are seeking alternative ways to invest, outside of the scary and volatile stock market.

Having been in business for almost 16 years, weathering storms such as the stock market crash in 2008, bear markets, bull markets, elections, and yes, now even pandemics, A Better Financial Plan, LLC., has made it their mission to offer our clients alternative investments that have almost zero volatility. Every single one of their investment options are completely free and clear of the stock market, and many of them deliver double-digit returns monthly and / or quarterly.

The company has thousands of customers and have hundreds of positive reviews to prove it too. Their clients have been invested with them prior to the current health crisis and are even more eager to do so now. ABFP’s phones are constantly ringing because people know investing outside of the stock market is a smart decision to make.

ABFP is has hundreds of reviews from their clients and as you can see from their testimonial page, their clients are all very happy. The five-star reviews are displayed proudly because the company cares about what they do. ABFP works hard and feel as if they have earned the glowing reviews, and they invite you to take a look.

And after you have read our reviews, we invite you to contact us. You can find all of the different ways to get in touch with us here. Once we hear from you, we will educate you thoroughly on all of the investment classes that we offer.

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