What’s the Catch?

What’s the Catch?
By Dean Vagnozzi

As the weeks wind down and world is slowly opening up, I have decided to address the most searched terms when it comes to working with my firm, A Better Financial Plan.

One of them, although it makes me cringe to even type, is “Dean Vagnozzi Criminal Record.” But I guess that’s par for the course when you advertise extensively, have thousands of positive reviews and are as outspoken as I am. I know that potential clients will inevitably wonder, “what’s the catch?”

Is Dean Vagnozzi a scam artist? Is A Better Financial Plan 1346 a fraud? Of course they would be skeptical! And so would I!

Solet me save you a lot of time. There is no catch.

So stop looking for one. Stop googling, stop searching to see if Dean Vagnozzi is a scam, stop looking on the Better Business Bureau’s website to see if A Better Financial Plan 1346 is a fraud. I have never had a criminal record in my life and I am very confident that there never will be.

In fact, to the best of my knowledge, the only law that I think I ever broke was a speeding ticket that I received on the New Jersey Turnpike back when I was in my early 20’s. That is about the only misdemeanor that I have ever been a part of. (Jeez, I sound like a lot of fun, don’t I?)

I am the father of four wonderful children and have an amazing wife. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, cheer on my kids’ sporting events (well, before the COVID-19 quarantine) and go jogging with my daughter every day. My wife and Ivolunteer and foster dogs that are being trained to be seeing eye dogs (we teach them basic skills on how to be around people before they head to seeing eye dog training in Morristown, New Jersey). I spend my weekends reading a book by the pool (or staying up way too late reading in my home office) and probably about once a week I hang out with my old high school buddies on the golf course. I take vacations with my family about twice a year, visit my parents in Florida often, and was planning to take a cruise with my entire staff and their significant others before this whole pandemic hit. Family is my first priority. Anyone that knows me would vouch for that. Heck, even my own son Alec and my father in law, Jerry, work for me. As further proof, even my own parents are invested in the asset classes that A Better Financial Plan has to offer.

With all that said, you are obviously looking up my criminal record on the internet to determine if you should come visit me and my staff at the office or to determine if you should move forward investing with me if we have already met. And quite frankly, I do not blame you for doing this type of research. I do so myself every time that I invest with a new company or financial opportunity. When it comes to any type of financial investment, whether it be a stock, asset class, car, house, or even an appliance… you SHOULD ALWAYS do your research!

We do our research at A Better Financial Plan (ABFP) too! At ABFP we thoroughly research the alternative investment opportunities that we have to offer prior to any offering that may be made available to our clients. Our team of attorneys, accountants, and operations staff thoughtfully vet any and all opportunities that come our way. We are always looking for creative investment opportunities to add to our asset classes, and very rarely do the pitches that are being given to us make the cut. The asset classes that ABFP offer are hand-picked, reviewed and considered for weeks, sometimes months, before any of them are even spoken about to our clients. Again, my own parents are invested with A Better Financial Plan, so I can assure you, I wouldn’t let them invest in just anything.

So with that, I invite you. Take just one look at abetterfinancialplan.com and read the testimonial page and you will see the proof. Dozens of videos and audio clips from very happy clients. In fact, we had so many happy clients share their testimonials with us that we recently took a full-page spread in the Philadelphia Inquirer that featured over 35 testimonials all raving about A Better Financial Plan. To be honest, we could have put more, but we ran out of room!

Within the past 17 years, A Better Financial Plan has invested over $250 million for our clients. All of ABFP’s portfolio of investment opportunities consistently deliver on average 10 – 14% in monthly or quarterly returns and all of our investments have absolutely nothing to do with the stock market. Our clients typically invest approximately 25 – 50% of their financial portfolio within ABFP’s alternative investment offerings.

If you’d like to hear more, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can find all of the different ways to get in touch with us at abetterfinancialplan.com. Once we hear from you, we will educate you thoroughly on all of the investment classes that we offer.

So back to the original topic of this blog. I can assure you that my record is squeaky clean. And I intend to keep it that way. Dean Vagnozzi’s criminal record and Dean Vagnozzi scam are non-existent!

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