With Dean Vagnozzi, Bad Investments Don’t Exist

With $250 million under management for more than 1,000 investors nationwide, A Better Financial Plan meets one-on-one with more clients in a weekthan many financial planners see in a year. Even with the current laws for social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their phones have not stopped ringing. While the one-on-one meetings have paused, they have been able to continue to serve new and current clients virtually in a seamless transition.

For the past sixteen years, A Better Financial Plan has offered creative alternative investment strategies not tied to the stock market.Each investment is thoughtfully created to bring you increased wealth, with lower volatility.ABFP offers five different asset classes in five different industries that offer a much lower risk than investing in Wall Street. Especially in today’s extremely volatile financial, political, and social climate.

A Better Financial Plan was founded in 2004 by Dean Vagnozzi with one goal in mind. Tired of the volatility of his own investments and believing that there had to be a better (and smarter) way to invest than the 401(k) and / or an IRA, Dean Vagnozzi wanted to level the playing for field for middle class investors by providing alternatives to everyday retirement strategies that are more in tune with today’s average investor. Through careful research and tried and true tactics, Dean has been able to offer the sameinvestment strategies tomid-level investors opportunities that wealthy investors have been using to produce overwhelmingly positive and consistent results for decades/

All ofABFP’s portfolio of investment opportunities consistently deliver on average 10 – 14% in monthly returns on behalf their diverse client base.

All ofthe investment opportunities are carefully vetted and facilitated by one of the nation’s largest law firms.

And each make money through opportunities that have absolutely nothing to do with Wall Street. Again, with Dean Vagnozzi, bad investments don’t exist.

With the help of Dean Vagnozzi’sattorney, John Pauciulo, and one of the largest law firms in the Philadelphia region, clients at ABFP are able to “invest like the big boys” by pooling their money together and creating Private Placement Memorandums, which then allows clients to invest in opportunities that they otherwise may not have access to. Each asset class comes with the Vagnozzi enforcement that the investment must be safe, liquid, and less volatile than anything put together by Wall Street. In other words, none of ABFP’s investments are available through a traditional brokerage firm. Each one is unique and carefully thought out to suit their clients’ investment style and comfort level.

Dean Vagnozzi alternative investmentsprovide safe investments that deliver outstanding returns and fixed future payouts by sidestepping the volatility of the stock market, unimpressive returns offered by indexed annuities, and unreliable prices of gold and silver. That coupled with an economy that is responding to new global issues every day – from our current pandemic response to political and environmental concerns and innovative new technology advancements, Dean knows that this is a complex and scary time to be planning for retirement, enjoying your retirement, or simply saving your money for a rainy day. If you want a glimpse of what we have to look forward to in the year ahead, here is a great example https://www.marketwatch.com/story/stock-market-investors-have-to-go-back-to-1929-to-find-daily-swings-this-wild-2020-04-07.

Dean Vagnozzi understands as much as anyone that the sheer number of retirement and investment options out there can be overwhelming for the average investor. Dean feels strongly in diversification of your assets and that his alternative investment opportunities are safer and less volatile than anything the stock market could offer.A Better Financial Plan’s investment opportunities are backed by two of the largest international companies in the world and were created with the help of one of the nation’s largest law firms. With products that proudly boast returns of 11 – 14% on average, Dean offers his clients a more secure and steady option to help grow their individual wealth.

A Better Financial Plan, LLC was founded in 2004 by Dean Vagnozzi with a vision that flying in the face of conventional-but-flawed wisdom can produce results the average middle-class investor never dreamed possible. In 2016, Vagnozzi furthered his vision by publishing the disruptive stock market alternative strategy manual: A Better Financial Plan: Significantly Improve Your Finances Without the Help of Wall Street.

With offices based out of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania and Marlton, New Jersey, A Better Financial Plan now has 15 employees and thousands of clients. To learn more, please visit https://www.abetterfinancialplan.com/.

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